Business Brain Training

Sage have teamed up with ITV1 again this year to bring you the Krypton Factor. 

In association with the TV show there is a web site called: 

Visit the site and pit your wits on-line against other business leaders in categories such as Intelligence, Physical, Mental Agility, General Knowledge and Observation.  At the end of each session you will be given your business IQ.  Track this over a period of four weeks and see how your business IQ improves.

Depending on how competitive you are the prospect of matching your business IQ with other business leaders may fill you with fear or the desire to be one of the best.


Listen to this short video clip of what ex-Dragons Richard Farleigh and Simon Woodroffe (also of Yo! Sushi fame) have to say about training your business brain.

At Accord we remain on the cutting edge of what technology can do to help you improve your business. Never short of ideas or experiences that can be brought to bear on the issues of the day.  So if the challenges of your organisation are taxing your business IQ then don't wait give us call today (+44 1732 868765).

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