Sage CRM Hints, Tips & Tricks

Every months we will provide you with hints, tips & tricks to help you get the best out of the software we have supplied to you.  This month we look at Sage CRM for 2 tips on making searches faster and more effective.

First up is a tip about the number of records dispalyed on the grid after you have made a search.  The default is 10 records - you can increase this up to 25.


Tip 1 | Increase records displayed on a grid

From MyCRM select the Preferences tab:

Press Change

In the main area of the page you will notice a field called Grid Size.  Click on this to change it to 25.

Now press Save

When you do a search from now on you will see upto 25 records displayed.


Tip 2 | Save common searches to quickly reapeat

From any of the search screens you will see a range of icons in the top right hand corner of the page:

Fill out the filter section of the page with your common search criteria and then press:


You will get the following pop-up:

Type a name for the search and press save.

Your new search will now be on the list – when you select it the search will be invoked.

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