How can our investment in the Data Centre benefit you?

Over the last 18 months more and more of our clients and prospects have been asking us not only to supply and implement their new Sage Accpac ERP or CRM system but also to host the hardware and manage it.

Our offices are design for people and not computers so we quite quickly decided that if we were going to offer hosting as an option for clients we should invest in data centre space. After an in depth search we decided to locate our first Data Centre at Level 3 in Islington on the northern fringes of London.



State of the art biometric security measures
Level 3 is a purpose built Data Centre and comes complete with state of the art cooling, fire protection and security. There is 24 hour on-site security along with CCTV and intruder alarm systems on every entry point. Access around the build is controlled by both pin number and biometric scanning of the palm of your hand.

Clients using our hosting services enjoy a level of physical security over their data that would be hard to beat at their own premises.


The Power to keep on going…..
The building power is served by two mains supplies each coming from different sub-stations. In the unlikely event that both mains power supplies failed there are two banks of UPS that kick in instantly and have the capacity to run the building on full power for up to one hour. In addition to that there are three diesel powered generators capable of each running the building on full power for 24 hours. These can be initiated within 15 minutes of a power outage.


High speed, high availability
Our network is served by four telecoms providers whose services join the building through two separate fibre cables. We connect directly onto the internet backbone for zero latency. Once inside and on our network data travels across a fully managed and monitored infrastructure with advanced firewall security and Cisco switches.

We have taken care to ensure security is robust and the network is resilient so that our clients do not need to worry about where the data is stored or how available it will be to them. We guarantee uptime of 99.5% - a level of service and availability that your internal IT team would be hard pressed to match.


How can you benefit from our investment in the Data Centre?
You can now benefit in many ways – even if you do not wish to use our services to host your system.

Here are a selection of services we offer:

  •  Hosted Sage Accpac & Sage CRM (both dedicated and virtual)
  •  Dedicated exchange server hosting
  •  Dedicated SharePoint servers
  •  Virtual Servers
  •  Dedicated Servers
  •  Managed Co-location (move your servers into our data centre)
  •  Off-site Back-up (servers on your site backed up to our data centre)
  •  Inflatable Disaster Recover

Over the coming months we will describe in more detail how these services can help you reduce IT costs in your business.  To discus how our investment in the Data Centre can help you then contact Steve Masters at our Edenbridge Office on +44 1732 868765 or email on

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