Sage Accpac ERP Hints, Tips & Tricks

Helping you to get the best out of Sage Accpac ERP are our team of experts.  This month two tips from Miguel Cruz one of our senior consultants.

Check out this months Hints, Tips & Tricks as we look at advanced search techniques using the Finder and a way to make rapid payments to supplier in the case of payment on delivery.


Tip 1 | Advanced Find Using Sage Accpac Finder
The finder is a powerful tool and there are many functions available. The obvious ones are those of searching on text that is included within the value of a field (e.g. searching for “bank” in the GL account description (with the Find by option set to Contains) could yield “Bank of America”, “Current Bank Account”, “Bank Charges”, etc)

This tends to be single dimensional so the criteria function adds additional filters and is a very powerful tool. However it does require some setting up.

Most people do not realise that you can use wildcard characters right in the filter field and this is quicker that setting up a criteria.

So, using the sample company, let’s say that we want to filter all Sales accounts for division 200 with all departments where the second character is a zero the search filter would be:


Tip 2 | Accounts Payable Prepayments
The prepayment is very useful means to quickly generate a payment for goods that need payment with Order.

When payment is on invoice things are simple as the payment is automatically matched to the invoice as you pay it.  But in the case of payment with order you don't yet have an invoice.

When the invoice does arrive you will want it to match to the prepayment automatically.  To ensure this is possible follow theses steps:

1. Raise the Purchase Order

2. Create a Prepayment using the A/P Payments screen:

       > Select Transaction Type = Prepayment

       > Then in the field Apply By select PO Number

       > In the Apply to field enter the PO Number relating to this Pre-payment.

3. Send Purchase Order and Payment to the Supplier

4. When you receive the Suppliers Invoice you can enter it in either PO Transactions or in AP Transactions.  Make sure you enter the PO Number.

5.  Thats it!  Sage Accpac will now automatically match the Invoice to the Pre-payment.

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