Lockdown 2.0 - We have got you covered!
04 November 2020 All news

All systems go at Accord! All our projects, support and private cloud solutions will continue as normal. If you are interested in moving to our Private Cloud then contact us today!

The UK government recently announced a month long COVID-19 lockdown from Thursday 5 November.  We want to reassure you, our valued customers, that this will not impact on our service.  All projects, support and hosting will continue as is and be unaffected by this change.

The Accord team will mostly work from home with full access to all corporate systems and files.  Some of the team, where essential for their work, will continue to be in the office.

Can you quickly and easily access your Sage system from home?

During the first lockdown a number of clients asked us to pick up the running of their Sage system and we rapidly moved them from on-premise to a private cloud solution.  Have you considered removing a risk from your business by having Accord provide you with a Private Cloud solution?

Benefits of Sage in the Cloud

  • You current Sage licenses will move over to the accordonline.co.uk private cloud platform so there will be no need to re-buy any sage licenses
  • We will give your users full remote access from any computer 24/7
  • You only need a browser and internet to use this service.  No software has to be installed on your computer
  • All of your history we be transferred
  • We back-up your data every 60 minutes and have a full Disaster Recovery site up an running
  • We give a 99.5% uptime guarantee, if we don’t hit that target you get the full month Free!

If you are interested in seeing this in action and to get a quote contact me by email:  smasters@accord-consulting.com

Sage in our Private Cloud allows you seamless transition from Office to Home, get in touch today and we can have the move completed within a day or two.

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