Learn more about Sage Intacct, the cloud financial platform that’s ideal for Green Energy / Renewable Energy businesses like yours.

Specialist modules for projects, assets and metered billing reduce headcount, and save thousands of pounds annually

Use real-time information to increase project profitability

Move to the cloud and eliminate unnecessary IT costs

The best financial management platform for green / renewable energy

In a green energy or renewable energy company, you need a cloud-based financial management platform that helps you ensure profitable operations and improved customer satisfaction. Sage Intacct has the financial management platform for green energy and renewable energy businesses that combines operational and financial visibility to help you grow your business in a sustainable way.

Sage Intacct is the best financial management platform for your industry, including:

  • Green Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Retail and Supplier Organisations within the sector
  • Commercial, Not for profit and Social Enterprises within the sector

Project management platform for green energy businesses

Forget the pain of manual processes and patching together countless Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. With Sage Intacct’s software for automated project accounting your data flows seamlessly across your business in unified workflows that you can easily customise to your unique business need – and manage projects and profitability. Track project costs, expedite time-and-expense processes

Comprehensive fixed asset and financial management platform

Sage Intacct fixed asset and financial management platform accelerates and simplifies accurate accounting throughout the entire fixed asset management lifecycle.

You work with a single set of asset-acquisition, depreciation, and disposal information that’s automatically shared with the general ledger, accounts payable and purchasing.

  • Centrally manage and safeguard your business’s fixed assets
  • Easier tracking and reporting of asset information including condition, insurance status, and maintenance logs
  • Simple to maintain separate tax and accounting books and automatically record different depreciation methods for asset categories

Untangle billing and revenue complexities

When it comes to metered billing, specialised contracts and the added complexities of revenue recognition compliance–Sage Intacct is the cloud financials solution green energy and renewable energy business can trust. We provide the automated workflows, smart revenue recognition, and seamless data flows that streamline the revenue cycle across your organisation.

  • Bill faster with less revenue leakage
  • Removes the complexity, time, and frustration associated with revenue recognition
  • Customised dashboards and reports give you deep, actionable views into revenue value and profitability by contract, products, divisions, and more

How we can help?

As a company specializing in Sage software, Accord Consulting can help businesses in various industries with their Sage implementation, training, and support needs. We have the required expertise to successfully integrate Sage software into your business financial management processes. This includes customized implementation, comprehensive training programs that help users become proficient with the software, and ongoing support to ensure that businesses can resolve any issues while using the platform. 

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