Hassel-free upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct

Switching to Sage Intacct could not be easier than with our Fast Start package which will enable you to make the move for a fixed price with all the bases covered - risk free!

Sage 50 Upgrade to Sage Intacct

Benefits of upgrading Sage 50 to Sage Intacct

Benefit #1 Benefit #2 Benefit #3 Benefit #4
Single version of the truth with fewer spreadsheets Streamline your processes with 65% efficiency gain Cut your close time and get your life back Anytime, anywhere access to your vital information
No more drowning in a swamp of spreadsheets.  Sage Intaccts powerful consolidation, reporting and interactive dashboards give you the real-time access to all the data you need to drive your business forward. Sage Intacct will transform your business strategy and processes with an Intelligent General Ledger powered by Artificial Intelligence.  The clever workflows bring automation to accelerate finance team productivity. You can slash the time it takes to close the month by up to 79% with continuous close functionality built into Sage Intacct.  Informative and intuitive dashboards ensure you have up to the minute information.

The robust and reliable cloud infrastructure used to power Sage Intacct offers next-level performance backed by our "buy with confidence" guarantee - It's our promise to you.


It’s time for an upgrade - compare Sage 50 to Sage Intacct.

If you want to learn more about how Sage 50 compares to Sage Intacct, check out our comparison report. You’ll learn about product features, our Fast Start package, reviews and awards plus our buy with confidence guarantee, and more.

Sage 50 v Sage Intacct Comparison Guide

WARNING: Is Sage 50 holding back your business? Download our comparison report and see how you can take financial management to a new level with Sage Intacct.

Does your current Sage 50 system do all of this?

  • Streamline and automate business processes with efficiency gains of 65% or more
  • Slash month-end close times by up to 79%
  • Drive down the cost of invoicing by as much as 70%
  • Run your business anytime, anywhere from the cloud with real-time visibility across the organisation
  • Remove the hassles and risks of running your own IT, reducing total cost of ownership

FREE:  Sage 50 Upgrade Accelerator Meeting

Sign up for this valuable, unlimited & FREE meeting.  As a result of this meeting you will receive the following benefits:

  • Assessment of your current Sage 50 system and the areas for improvement
  • Identification and qualification of the business improvements and benefits from upgrading Sage 50
  • Our report on the 5 common mistakes made when upgrading Sage 50 and how to avoid them
  • Personalised Demo of Sage Intacct
  • Written Accelerator Report covering all of the above plus you get to keep this valuable report no matter if you end up working with us or not.

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Sage Intacct G2 Leader

The G2 Crowd carryout a quarterly independent survey of existing customers.  Sage Intacct has been consistently rated by G2 Crowd as No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction and this year has been no different. Sage Intacct has out performed the likes of Xero, QuickBooks and NetSuite.

Here's What Our Existing Customers Say

"Your help has been invaluable.  Keely is a true asset to your team. She has been extremely helpful in all our dealings with her."

Billy Faires, Operations Director - The Fraser Group


"Farrow was recommended to work with Accord.  Accord did a great job, the project achieved its goals and delivered on time."

Will Katz, Farrow

8 Compelling Reasons To Upgrade From Sage 50 To Sage Intacct

#1 No more downtime as a result sending off corrupt databases to be fixed

  • Sage Intacct is built to handle millions of transaction and not just thousands which means that you will never have a corrupted database again and can work safe in the knowledge there will no down time when you can least afford it to happen.

#2 Freedom from record locks and space restrictions

  • Sage Intacct is a true multi-user system which means you will not have to contend with annoying record locks when trying to update vital records.  You need never run out of space or users again and your business does not need to be held back any longer by a system that can not keep up.

#3 Never pay for an upgrade again

  • Sage Intacct has been built for the cloud all updates are handled seamlessly by Sage which means it will run faster and more reliably and you will not have to pay for server or operating system upgrades ever again saving you money and stress.

#4 Analyse your business by more than just Department

  • With Sage Intacct you get an unlimited number of dimensions which means you have all the power you need to analyse your business transactions (eg. Department, Region, Location, Items, Supplier, Customer or Project) in real-time.  You can quickly and easily access trading information, slicing and dicing it to understand what is going on in your business and how to rapidly address any issues.

#5 Freedom from the shackles of countless spreadsheets

  • Sage Intacct has many out of the box reports as well as powerful reporting tools and dashboards which means that there will be a single version of the truth to run your business with and you will never need to drown in a sea of spreadsheets again saving you a vast amount of time and speeding up the turnaround time to get at financial information.

 #6 Multi-location stock control

  • Using Inventory Control within Sage Intacct means that you can now track stock across multiple warehouses and multiple bins.  Your warehouse team can keep track of stock and efficiently pick more orders and put away deliveries faster allowing you to scale the business without the need to hire more people. 

#7 Batch/serial number tracking

  • Sage Intacct allows you to track inventory by batch number and serial number which means that you have full traceability of stock that moves into and out of your warehouse.  Now you can quickly and confidently track a products through the supply chain and handle warranty claims accurately without fuss.

#8 Advanced foreign currency control

  • Sage Intacct has full multi-currency capabilities which means you can pay, receive and allocate in any currency against any currency.  Processing invoices and payments will be more efficient and accurate cutting out mistakes and keeping your customers happy.
What happens to my Sage 50 data when I move to Sage Intacct?

A Sage 50 upgrade is nothing to fear, we know that data is the number one asset to any business and it is a key consideration within our Fast Start upgrade projects.

At Accord Consulting , we have many years of experience in helping Sage 50 customers upgrade and we are ideally placed to work with you on the best way to move data from Sage 50 into Sage Intacct.

As you would expect, there is a standard migration template that will allows us to bring all of your data, including historical transactions, seamlessly across from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct.  The upgrade is often a good opportunity to restructure your chart of accounts, clean up records or purge any redundant data (e.g. dead accounts, old stock codes etc).  With this in mind we have a range of standard import file we can provide.

Accord Consulting can assist with the extraction and import of your data during your Sage 50 migration. This will allow you to cleanse your data whilst avoiding the time consuming and tedious re-keying of static data such as names, addresses, stock codes etc.


Next Steps ....

Simply book one of our FREE Sage 50 Upgrade Accelerator Meetings.  Remember there are only 12 spaces left so click the button bellow or call us on 01732 868765.  We can then discuss your Sage 50 Upgrade so that you take full advantage of the unique benefits on offer and put your business on the pathway to success.

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Buy With Confidence Sage 50

Too many IT projects overrun, cost more than budgeted and don't deliver the planned business benefits.  At Accord we are different and so ...

If we don't deliver the upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct "on-time" and "in-full" then we will not charge you a penny more than the quoted price, not only that we will refund you 10% of the price of the Fast Start Package.

You may be thinking why would we do that?  It's pretty simple really.  We have delivered thousands of days of implementation services.  We're quite good at it (read our testimonials).

But as you've never worked with us before, we wanted to give you something that would put your mind at rest that we can deliver (over-deliver) on our promises.  That is why we are prepared to offer this fantastic Guarantee.

With Sage Intacct organisations achieve on average


Return on investment




Productivity improvement

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