How Sage CRM helps your business

Sage CRM is a powerful CRM system designed to help you optimise your sales processes. Stand alone or connected with Sage 300, you obtain a 360-degree view of your customer lifecycle.

Get more from every relationship with Sage CRM

Sage CRM will help you deliver amazing customer experience

Sage CRM will enable you to simplify the sales process, shorten sales cycles, and make the more of every opportunity your sales team gets.

With Sage CRM you can automate sales tasks like creating quotes and orders, sales forecasts, following up on leads, and converting them into opportunities using the powerful and customisable workflows. 

Your marketing team can also use Sage CRM to profile customer information for upcoming marketing campaigns.  Targeted emails can be sent for any marketing campaign. You can track the success of marketing campaigns from start to finish, tracking opportunities to the order stage and beyond, through seamless integration out of the box with Sage 300.

Sage CRM Pipeline


With Sage CRM your Sales & Marketing teams can achieve more

Avoid duplication of work and handle customer relationships more efficiently with a consolidated view of data.  Customisable dashboards allow you to see all the vital information about a customer at the click of a button

Sage CRM Dashboard


Track marketing campaigns end to end with Sage CRM

Quickly and easily set-up marketing campaigns in Sage CRM and automatically track the success of every campaign.  Mailchimp is seamlessly integrated to Sage CRM giving you detailed insight to your e-marketing activities.

Sage CRM Marketing | Mailchimp

With Sage CRM you can do more and do it better. You can increase sales revenue by using the Sage CRM workflow to optimise your sales processes and automated alerts to make sure you never miss an opportunity or a follow-up again.   The powerful reporting engine built into Sage CRM will ensure you get access to the accurate data needed to make informed business decisions.

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What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution developed by Sage, a provider of business management software and services.

How your industry can benefit from Sage CRM

Sage CRM can help businesses to improve their customer relationships, increase sales productivity, enhance marketing effectiveness, improve customer service, and gain greater visibility and insight into their operations.

Who is Sage CRM for?

Sage CRM is designed for businesses of all sizes and industries that want to improve their customer relationship management processes

What are the Advantages of Using Sage CRM

Some advantages of using Sage CRM include:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Customer Relationships
  • Better Sales Performance
  • Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Customizable
  • Easy Integration

Sage CRM Question Answered

How Does Sage CRM Integrate with Sage 300 ERP?

The integration between the two solutions allows businesses to share data seamlessly between the two systems, providing a comprehensive business management solution.

What are the licensing options for Sage CRM?

Perpetual License: A perpetual license is a one-time purchase that provides businesses with the right to use the software indefinitely. Subscription License: A subscription license is a recurring payment model that provides businesses with access to the software for a specific period. Cloud License: Sage CRM also offers a cloud-based option, which is a subscription-based model that provides businesses with access to the software via the cloud. Mobile License: Sage CRM also offers a mobile license, which enables businesses to access the software from mobile devices. User-based License: Sage CRM provides a user-based licensing model, where businesses can purchase licenses for individual users.

How Can Sage CRM be Customised?

Custom fields: Sage CRM allows businesses to add custom fields to the system to capture unique data that is not included in the standard system. Workflows: Sage CRM allows businesses to create custom workflows that automate processes and improve efficiency. Custom screens: Sage CRM allows businesses to create custom screens that are tailored to their specific business requirements. Custom reports: Sage CRM allows businesses to create custom reports that provide them with the data they need to make informed business decisions. Custom security: Sage CRM allows businesses to set up custom security settings that control user access and permissions. Custom integrations: Sage CRM can be integrated with other business applications, such as accounting software, marketing automation software, and social media platforms.

With Sage CRM organisations achieve on average


Rise in sales




Productivity uplift

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