Sage 50 and Sage Intacct: What’s the difference?
06 December 2021 All news

Sage 50 and Sage Intacct are both financial solutions with cloud functionality and a range of features that are beneficial to different businesses.

Sage 50 and Sage Intacct are both financial solutions with cloud functionality and a range of features that are beneficial to different businesses. Sage 50 is considered to be a simpler package, ideal for startups and very small businesses that don’t always need to handle complex financial matters, whereas Sage Intacct is more suited to larger businesses or small businesses that are ready to grow and scale-up.

Although Sage 50 is actually called Sage 50 cloud, it does not have the full cloud capability that Sage Intacct does and therefore your business may have to rely on infrastructure more than necessary. Sage Intacct is completely cloud-based, giving you and your business access to a robust financial framework without the need for powerful IT processing on the user end. This opens up a world of convenience, allowing you to access real-time data and financials from any internet-enabled device, allowing for remote working and flexibility. This also allows anyone in the business to access Sage for any reason, increasing work productivity across the board.

Sage Intacct is capable of many more complex functions than Sage 50, especially when it comes to reporting. When creating reports through Sage 50, many users rely on spreadsheet software as Sage 50’s reporting capability is extremely limited. Sage Intacct on the other hand has a sophisticated reporting capability, allowing you access sales order and tracking management and generate fully customisable reports all in one place. Sage 50 often calls for manual inputs and workarounds, but with Sage Intacct many processes that would previously be done by hand are now fully automated. Foreign exchange rates are pulled in automatically in Sage Intacct where the foreign currency capability of Sage 50 is mostly manual, making Sage Intacct ideal for companies that require multi-currency consolidation.

If your business has been working with Sage 50 for a long period of time, you may not have noticed that it’s time for an upgrade. Sage 50 does not integrate with as many platforms as Sage Intacct does, and if you’re finding you spend more time in spreadsheets working around the limitations of Sage 50, then your business might be ready to take your accounting solution to the next level. A Sage 50 upgrade to Sage Intacct is ideal for businesses that are ready to scale up and find an accounting software that can keep up with their goals and growth. With the improved functionality of Sage Intacct, you can spend less time on month-end processes and manual entry, and more time focusing on your business. Sage Intacct offers a huge range of automated processes, from consolidation and bank feeds, subscription management and more.

Accord Consulting are an official Sage partner, offering full implementation services, Sage Intacct support and Sage training to ensure you and your team are fully able to get the most out of your cloud-based accounting solution. If you think you could benefit from the features of Sage Intacct and you’re ready to upgrade from Sage 50, book your free Sage Intacct discovery call via the button below.

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