Improve retention rates and drive growth through excellent customer service

Sage CRM gives you the insight to nurture customers by providing them with an excellent customer experience.  This will improve your retention rates and help to drive growth in your business.  With the powerful tools at your disposal in Sage CRM you can also:

  • Generate repeat business
  • Find cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Sage CRM | Cases & Customer Services


What amazing customer experience means for you

Using Sage CRM our customers have seen an improvement in customer satisfaction by as much as 25%.

  • Never slip up again by missing a customer service request.  Sage CRM automates and manages the progress of customer service cases.  Enabling you to resolve more cases faster 
  • Everything about your customer and all the interactions you have had with them are stored in an easily accessible central customer record
  • The powerful reporting engine in Sage CRM means you can quickly and easily report on critical customer service metrics, allowing you to spend more time having meaningful conversations with your customers
Flexible and configurable knowledgebase

Sage CRM gives your customer service teams the tools to resolve customer service requests faster by building an online knowledgebase of common issues and solutions.

  • Quickly and easily access a central repository of customer service solutions
  • Publish reviewed and approved solutions to your website
  • Search for solutions wherever you are; in the office, working from home or at customer sites
Web based customer self-service portal

Sage CRM includes a pre-built customer self-service portal where customers, business partners and suppliers can log customer services cases and view updates to those cases online.

  • Connect our web self-service portal to your existing website
  • Enable your customers to securely log on and input data through custom web pages
  • Let your customers log new cases 24x7x365, delivering them the service they need, when they need it


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With Sage CRM organisations achieve on average


Rise in sales




Productivity uplift

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