Sage Intacct: Accounts Receivable

With accounts receivable software automating your invoicing and collections process, you and your team can work much more efficiently. When you rely on manual processes, cash flow can get caught up in high DSO, but with Sage Intacct streamlining everything for you, you can reduce DSO by 25 to 50% and ensure you get paid on time.

By seamlessly integrating Sage Intacct with your CRM, you can unify all of your systems into a single view, giving you access to sales orders, quotes and invoices at a glance. Order transactions can be automatically posted to your ledgers, saving you important time. Connection with AvaTax also allows you to leverage accurate and up-to-date sales tax calculations. With Sage Intacct's accounts receivable software, everything you need is brought together in one place.

Gain full accounts receivable visibility with insightful reports of customer aging, recurring invoices, invoice analyses and much more. You can customise and analyse your data from a wide range of perspectives such as collection activity on customer accounts or revenue over time, to give you a complete and insightful view of your business accounts. With built-in configurable dashboards, you can customise your solution to match your business needs and create reports, graphs and charts. And by automating your processes, you can enhance your internal controls and ensure only  approved users can create and edit customer accounts and invoices.

Accord Consulting are a proud Sage partner, offering full implementation and training services to get your business up and running with Sage Intacct. If you want to learn more about Sage Intacct's powerful accounts receivable software, book a demo with us today.

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