Sage Intacct: Project Financial Management

Manage all time, expense and project data, both financial and non-financial, all in one place with Sage Intacct Projects. All the processes you need are automated, enabling you to track time, costs and expenses and manage revenue recognition, billing and resources. Grow your business and keep your projects on track with deep insights and seamless project management.

Key benefits

Project solutions should match the way your business works. With project tracking, employee time tracking, full-features costing and resource management through to revenue recognition and billing, Sage Intacct provides everything you could need. Fully understand the costs around R&D projects, run billable services projects and track expenses by project or task with a flexible solution that works for you.

View the true cost of past projects right down to the task level and make smarter and more informed project bids. Sage Intacct integrates seamlessly with your CRM system of choice so you can easily see what's coming up in the pipeline, choose the right materials and people and turn bids into projects without having to manually re-enter any data.

Quickly plan and begin projects by easily finding the right resource for the job with suitable skills and availability. View and identify who's on the bench and who's oversheduled so you can utilise your resources accurately and efficiently.

Establish efficient workflows for entering time and expenses to keep projects moving smoothly and keep stakeholders satisfied. Expenses, invoices and journal entries can be tagged to related projects or tasks for easy visibility, so you can keep a close eye on actuals against estimates and answer questions quickly.

Billing automation improves accuracy and saves you time, as project invoices are always generated in the right format, with the right terms and amounts to support a range of fixed price and T&M methods. Revenue recognition is kept separate from billing, and you can automatically calculate and post based on milestones, percent complete or schedule to meet both customer expectations and accounting requirements in one go. 

With a single source for role-specific dashboards and reports, you can easily stay up to date and informed on project performance. With insights to on status, invoicing, milestones, revenues, costs and more you can keep clients, colleagues and management all in the loop.

Key features

  • Projects can be defined with project-centric information and transactions can be tagged so project cost and revenue tracking can be viewed in real-time in the general ledger.
  • Produce workflows that suit the way you work, define project statuses and project types for quicker management.
  • Late changes to timesheets are automatically picked up with no need for manual adjustment.
  • Set approval levels including expense approval by amount, and automatically notify supervisors about approvals via email.
  • Easily handle multi-currency reimbursements and expenses, as well as non-reimbursable expenses.
  • All details associated with an entry can be drilled down and exported in a range of formats for flexible visibility.
  • Connect expenses incurred and hours worked to specific projects to gain a full view of project margins.
  • Set minimum and maximum daily values and other requirements for time entries.
  • Easily view and manage timesheets to handle missing, late or unapproved timesheets and reduce inaccuracies.
  • Projects can be broken down into tasks so resources and budgets for tasks can be set.
  • Integrated posting to the general ledger lets you accurately budget and track costs.
  • Varied labour costing supports hourly and salaried employees and cost rate overrides for contractors.
  • Define time types like regular time and overtime for granularity in tracking and costing time.
  • Automated allocating and posting of indirect costs to projects and multiple layered cost pools can improve profitability.
  • View detailed reports on resource utilisation.
  • Automated posting of project-based calculations straight to the general ledger and automated invoicing with flagged timesheet transactions.
  • Bill on percent complete as the project progresses.
  • Time and expense data is fully integrated for simple billing and revenue recognition.
  • Billable and non-billable data captured helps you understand the true total costs of a project and reduce revenue leakage.
  • All billing is automated, from time-and-materials, time and materials to a maximum and fixed price billing based on features such as milestone or percentage completion.
  • Create invoices that include all information related to a project such as time, employee expenses and other company charges.
  • Create multiple or consolidated invoices per project or customer by using simple templates.
  • Select multiple, flexible billing rates and price lists by project, item, employee or customer.
  • Automated percentage markup on billable transactions.
  • Decouple revenue recognition from billing for greater customer satisfaction.
  • Drive revenue recognition and create accurate forecasts using milestones, schedules, project completion and more.
  • ASC 606 ready.
  • Revenue recognition schedules can be easily paused, modified or cancelled for better accuracy.
  • Easily track revenue work in progress for fixed price projects or unbilled accounting.
  • Standardised templates simplify project tracking.
  • Configure Gantt charts with drilldown capability to view real-time project operational status and track progress.
  • Employees and resources can be associated with and identified by position, skill and more so resources can be quickly assigned.
  • View a complete picture of project schedule and resource status with information such as employee assignments, out of office and company holidays.
  • Match project influences like interdependencies and facility availability with resources assigned to tasks in non-contiguous segments.
  • Set precise budgets on all resources to keep projects on track.
  • If final resource assignments haven't been set yet, placeholders can be put in place to view labour cost estimates.
  • Notifications on pending actions and T&E report approvals are sent straight to manager dashboards.
  • Get notified on project completion status when project time is approved.
  • As soon as timesheets and expenditures are submitted, reports on financial, managerial and operational data can be viewed.
  • Gain full understanding of profitability by project with filtering financial reports by project.
  • Over 25 specifically designed reports help you to analyse all KPIs.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce or other CRM software and industry-standard time and expense systems.

If you think Sage Intacct's cloud financial management solution could help you improve and streamline your project financial management processes, book a demo from Accord Consulting today.

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