Subscription Billing with Sage Intacct

Speed up your quote-to-cash with Sage Intacct's flexible, contract-based financial management solution. Automate and accelerate billing, SaaS metrics, revenue recognition and even predict the future with enhanced forecasting. With just one single record that can be easily integrated into Salesforce, you don't have to waste time calculating and reconciling your data, so you can turn sales into cash quicker and easier.

Billing complexity doesn't have to stop you from adopting new pricing models that could grow your business. Manual calculations can become a thing of the past with built-in fixed price, tiered and usage based pricing and billing. Automated pricing and billing models and templates are made to match your business needs, so you can get bills out quicker, reduce days sales outstanding and free up cash so that your business can grow.

With billing, revenue and financials all driven from one single source, you can effectively manage a single revenue stream and automatically recognise revenue throughout the customer lifecycle. Whenever contract changes happen, such as renewals or upsells, this drives automatic updates to revenue recognition, billing and your financials. Everything is aligned and you can save time, reduce errors and minimise confusion.

Stay up to date with real-time synchronisation going both ways between Salesforce and your financials. You can maintain schedules and templates in your financial management solution whilst handling customers, contracts, renewals and changes through Salesforce. View billing and payment information in once contract, so everyone can stay informed on your customers' financial relationship and provide a consistent customer experience.

Everything can be derived from the contract master and schedule to enable accurate automated forecasting. See cash, revenue and billing throughout the lifecycle, as everything needed for forecasting is in one place. There's no need to rely on spreadsheets anymore, as real-time forecasts and SaaS metrics can help inform your decisions.

Automated subscription billing means:

  • Flexible pricing models such as fixed price and tiered pricing.
  • Discount tiers, minimum flat fees, included units and overages.
  • Customer specific models.
  • Aggregated billing all in one invoice.
  • A variety of billing approaches such as one-time, in advance and in arrears.
  • Automated billing schedules, renewals and contract changes.
  • Copy existing contracts and bill by customer group.
  • Processing in multiple currencies.
  • Salesforce integration for seamless quote-to-cash and maximum visibility.
  • Automatically post to the general ledger and drill-down into the subledger.
  • Slice and dice data and maintain compliance.
  • Everything in one place.
  • Informative board-ready insights.
  • Unified reporting.
  • Real-time exclusive tax.

Sage Intacct could help your SaaS business to grow and thrive. Get in touch to find out more.

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