Sage Intacct Collaborate

Cooperatively resolve any issue via Sage Intacct.

Simple communication leads to great performance and success in any organisation. Unfortunately, it's very common for companies to develop slow and siloed communications that can harm and derail your critical financial processes. Sage Intacct Collaborate can help you to overcome these issues and increase productivity by enabling seamless knowledge sharing. Collaborate is a secure social layer included as part of Sage Intacct's financial management solution.

Instant collaboration

Work together in real-time to resolve non-routine transactions, clarifying policies, resolving exceptions and much more to keep things running smoothly. You can also send and receive messages via collaborate, and all messages are stored in the transaction record to keep all key information in one place.

Stay in the loop

You and your team can always stay informed via notes and messages, and conversations can be tracked through emails and through your Sage Intacct dashboard feed so you never miss anything important. Group messaging keeps teams connected and focused on specific tasks such as order processing and quarter close, attachments can be uploaded directly to conversations and you can enable notifications for critical value changes, ensuring a comprehensive collaborative experience.

Connect to Salesforce

Seamlessly integrate collaborate with Salesforce to enable multiple people to work on shared records in real-time, providing clarity between sales and finance teams. Defined groups on Salesforce can be extended to include Sage Intacct users, and all notifications can be received via the Salesforce app so you never miss an update.

Sage Intacct collaborate can help your business say goodbye to communication barriers, enabling transparency and promoting collaboration. Synchronize communications across your various finance and sales teams and increase productivity by easily resolving non-routing transactions via a single system. Learn more about collaborate and the Sage Intacct financial management system by booking a demo today.

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