Sage Intacct: General Ledger

Sage Intacct's general ledger is designed with maximum flexibility, visibility and scalability in mind. Your company can be given unlimited room to grow, from inception to the IPO and much further. The general ledger is at the epicentre of your financial system and offers you deep, real-time insight into your business, and Sage Intacct's general ledger offers the most innovative and flexible financial architecture available on the market today. Your entire accounting and financial management process can be easily handled in one place, with project accounting, automated revenue recognition and much more.

Key benefits

Sage Intacct revolutionises general ledger design, introducing dimension values over old fashioned account segments. This allows you to accurately capture the business context of all budgets, measures and transactions. Your chart of accounts is simplified and you can easily track performance by customer, fund, project or any other business driver you can think of.

Financials for multiple entities can be easily managed across locations, both domestic and global. Multi-entity management speeds up a whole range of processes by centralizing inter-entity relationship setup, automating currency conversions and consolidating your financials at the touch of a button.

View all your multiple accounting standards in a single system, tracking performance on GAAP, U.S, IFRS and cash bases positioned side by side for easy visibility, and country, tax or industry-specific reporting is made simple.

Sage Intacct's general ledger enables a more efficient period end by allowing you to close your sub-ledgers independently in stages, or all at once depending on what suits you best. Business as usual can continue during your close period by only closing one ledger and keeping the others open to continue processing transactions.

Key features

  • Independently close sub-ledgers to carefully manage the close processed.
  • Transactions are processed in real-time for rapid updates.
  • Manage fewer accounts using general ledger dimensions while retaining visibility.
  • With flexibility and visibility, your business can grow and manage both domestic and global entities.
  • Control how transactions are posted with visually configured business process workflows.
  • Transactions, budgets and measures are captured and stored in business context with prebuilt dimensions for project, customer, location and more.
  • User defined dimensions can be utilised to store additional business context.
  • Enforce required dimension values to ensure data quality.
  • Autopopulate values for specified dimensions to increase accuracy and simplify your data entry.
  • All transactions are posted to the correct book for cash, accrual or both.
  • Additional books can be created to support IFRS, GAAP and industry-specific standards.
  • Reports can be made to span books so you can easily compare performance by different bases.
  • Define account groups to meet specific reporting requirements.
  • Enable granular budget vs actual reporting.
  • Report on operational ratios and metrics with non-financial data.
  • Manage journal entries by requiring approvals from named approvers.
  • Easily import data from spreadsheets and other applications to rapidly populate beginning account balances.
  • Non-accounting users can enter transations by using defined templates.

Find out how the Sage Intacct cloud financial management solution can simplify your general ledger and streamline your operations.

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