Sage Intacct Time & Expense Management

It can be hard to efficiently and accurately track all of the time and expenses your teams are devoting to individual engagements and projects, but by simplifying your time and expense management processes you can free up your workforce to focus on client satisfaction, increase revenue and reduce time spent on administration.

Key benefits

Speed up and simplify your entire time and expense process with Sage Intacct. Time and expense data can be submitted by employees anywhere and at any time, and managers are instantly notified to review and approve the reports. Any reimbursement can be issued straight away and in the correct currency.

Accurate and accessible time and expense data leads to faster and better decision making. Quickly view dashboards to understand the profitability and progress of every project, and easily monitor resources so goals for billable hours are met.

When time and expense data automatically flows through to invoicing and revenue recognition processes, time is saved, accuracy is increased and revenue leakage is significantly reduced. Easily generate invoices with accurate time and expense information for projects and clients, recognise revenue quicker than before and post direct and indirect labour costs.

Key features

  • Go paperless. Employees can complete and submit timesheets and expenses from any browser or device.
  • Backup documentation can be easily attached or dragged and dropped onto any expense transaction.
  • Supervisors can be instantly notified of reviews and approvals to speed up reimbursement.
  • Flexible support of multi-currency and non-reimbursable expenses.
  • Business rules like minimum/maximum daily values and requiring notes on time can be easily set.
  • View and drill down into all details associated with an entry.
  • Specific projects can be linked to hours worked and expenses incurred for an accurate view of project margins.
  • Stakeholders can view information as needed with flexible formats.
  • Easily view timesheets by project, date or employee and track missing timesheets.
  • Enable flexible reporting, including utilisation reporting.
  • Enable management reporting by posting employee, project, item and task data straight to the GL.
  • Integrate time and expense management with project accounting to make billing and revenue recognition easy.
  • Drive expenses by project or contract and flag them as billable or non-billable.
  • Automated allocation to individual projects can increase accuracy.
  • Use multiple time types like regular time and over time to increase granularity in tracking.
  • Open API architecture lets you seamlessly work with other industry-standard time and expense systems

Find out how Sage Intacct's financial management software could improve your time and expense management by booking an Accord Consulting demo today.

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