Fixed Asset Management with Sage Intacct

From acquisition to disposal, you can simplify and streamline your fixed asset management with Sage Intacct. Simple and accurate accounting is vital for businesses, but many companies have multiple sets of information on asset acquisition, depreciation and disposal. With Sage Intacct's fixed asset software, the life cycle can be automated to increase your control over your processes and data, offering you real-time insights you can can make informed business decisions.

Speed up your year-end by automating processes from acquisition through to disposal. Generate the asset master through Sage Intacct's purachasing or accounts payable solutions to accurately capture all assets and create multiple assets from a single AP bill. Depreciation and disposal can be streamlined by automating recurring journal entries and making use of predefined or user-configured depreciation methods such as MACRS, reducing balance and straight-line. By shaving time off the disposal process you can increase accuracy with partial or even mass disposal of assets. Plus you can gain visibility into your projects by easily tracking and grouping assets using Sage Intacct's out-of-the-box construction in progress features. Easily view assets to see their status and progress and what has been capitalised. 

With increased control over your data and processes and complete audit trails, overall risk can be reduced. Safeguard and managed your central asset register, including features such as multi-location and multi-currency, so you can manage all depreciating and non-depreciating assets easily. Tracking and reporting on asset information is made simple, including information such as warranty, commission, insurance status and dates serviced. Monthly close cycles can be reduced by up to 90% with complete audit ability and clear trails, putting you in full control of your assets and processes. With Sage Intacct's fixed asset software, you can eliminate reversals and easily change an asset's cost or useful life, and you have the option to automatically generate the remaining for the change. Values can be compared before changes are finalised, and a comprehensive audit trail is created to guarantee accountability and accurate results along every step.

Sage Intacct's fixed asset software enables companies to make informed decisions with complete visibility and rich insights. Rapidly reconcile net book values at your period end with beginning balances and collected additions, depreciations and disposals from across your business all in one place. Utilise dimensional tagging to easily pinpoint how asset costs are distributed by department, location and more. Easily link assets to identify dependencies so you can efficiently manage, process and report on assets that are related to one another, all with one solution.

Sage Intacct's fixed assets software streamlines your fixed assets management process as part of a complete financial management package.

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