Sage Intacct Spend Management

Eliminate unexpected cash flow issues with Sage Intacct spend management by governing spending against a budget.

Decrease risks and improve cash flow

Gain invaluable peace of mind with automated checking of spend transactions against your budget availability. With automation handling the day-to-day control of spending for you, you can focus on strategic planning and growing your business. Enforce spending limits with confidence and hold to budgets while your organisation grows, even with transactions coming in from multiple people and departments.

Fully control your workflow by automatically denying transactions or using onscreen overage warnings. Budget administrators can also be instantly notified by email when transactions that exceed the budget are recorded despite warnings. Select which areas will trigger warnings or denials and set time frames for these rules to remain in full control at all times and gain precise spending control by refining budget validation by set dimensions.

How Spend Management keeps you in control

  • Use as an additional control for GL, purchasing and AP.
  • Tightly control is transactions can proceed by deciding to use warn or stop based on application area.
  • Set budget and rules to automatically validate on submit or post each spend transactions.
  • Deny transactions that exceed budget automatically, or allow after issuing a warning to the user.
  • Use dimensional validation to break out and enforce your budget limits.
  • Decide how long management is in force on transactions so you can check in at intervals.
  • Users and approvals can instantly view budget impact at the touch of a button.
  • Budget administrators can be automatically notified at daily, weekly or monthly intervals to make accurate adjustments.
  • View historical decisions to see whether budgets were exceeded at the time.
  • What has been spent already and commitments made via vendor contracts and purchase orders all influence budget availability for accurate insight

Achieve your mission efficiently and simplify your spend management with Accord Consulting and Sage Intacct.

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