Sage Intacct Cash Management

With improved visibility and timing of payments, Sage Intacct's cash management software improves and simplifies your cash flow. Many organisations and businesses don't have full visibility into where their cash is coming from and where it is going, but true cash management can give you a complete and simple picture of your working capital. Using Sage Intacct's cash management software as part of your financial management system can help you gain valuable insight into your cash position, adjust your processes easily and reduce your DSO by up to 50%.

Effective cash management lets you handle daily cash activities in real time, applying and recording payments without tying them to invoices or customers, and electronic transactions can be matched to invoices in just one click. Meet your daily cash management needs by using the bill-focused payment cycle or simply printing checks, and easily transfer funds across accounts so everything is right where it needs to be. Automated and accurate reporting also decreases manual errors and keeps your transactions and balances well organised without any worries.

With automated bank reconciliation, you can import statements and automatically reconcile your credit card, checking and savings accounts by securely connecting to thousands of financial institutions worldwide. Errors can be spotted quickly and rectified easily, enabling you to manage banking errors and monitor for fraud to maintain high levels of accuracy. Plus, with visibility across all accounts, locations and entities, you can always be aware of your cash position with real-time updates.

Sage Intacct's cash management helps you to reduce your audit risk and simplify your cash flow across all accounts. Get in touch to learn more about how Accord Consulting can help Sage's financial management system work for you.

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