Sage Intacct Project Costing & Billing

Project financial management doesn't have to be a pain. Tracking financials, resources and contracts can be complicated, especially when workflows are spread out across various systems. Sage Intacct project costing and billing enables you to manage all financial data in one place, streamlining your projects and allowing you to stay on top of things.

Automate your projects to stay on track

View the true cost of past projects and protect your profit margins by creating accurate estimates. The open API easily integrates with operational solutions so you can view and manage schedules and materials. Estimates can turn into projects all without needing to manually re-enter information.

Proper workflows help to keep your projects on the right track, letting you track time and manage costs and give your team online access to important job data. Actuals versus estimates can be closely monitored so you can quickly answer questions about progress and invoices without having to search through the data, saving you precious time.

Generate projects in the right format every time with billing automation, and Sage Intacct separates revenue recognition from billing so that automated calculations are based on schedules, milestones or percentage completion.

Role-specific dashboards and reports all come from a single source so you can make better decisions and keep stakeholders readily informed on job status, invoice information and milestones. With access to precise data in real-time, you can share useful insights on project costs and suggestions on how to improve profit margins.

Why project-based businesses choose Sage Intacct:

Bills are processed automatically. Billable and non-billable transactions are captured to reduce revenue leakage and support automated invoicing of time-and-expense or fixed fee billing. Sage Intacct can calculate costs with cost codes and automatically route billable time information to approvers. Preconfigured invoices can be easily generated with all the relevant information, including materials, time and other company charges, and billing can be based on scheduled dates, milestones or percentage completion. Even after invoices have been sent, a detailed audit trail of overrides can always be easily accessed.

Decouple billing from revenue recognition to improve your forecasting accuracy. Schedules for revenue recognition can be set by project phase using percentage completion, schedules, project completion methods and milestones. Plus, revenue recognition schedules can easily be paused, resumed, modified and cancelled if things don't go to plan, giving you full flexibility.

Get fast, visual updates through role-based, real-time dashboards and reports, so you're always up to date on all aspects of your business. As soon as time, expenses and vendor/subcontractor costs are entered you can access up-to-the-minute financial, managerial and operational reporting. You can take your data even further with ad hoc and custom reporting, with Sage Intacct offering insights such as financial statements, operational reports and current backlog details. Historical data enables you to analyse key metrics such as job costs, past project profitability, and estimate vs actual data, then easily compare data by key business drivers.

All-in-one suits aren't always the best choice for every area of your business, and come with the risk of vendor lock-in. Sage Intacct gives you the power of choice through it's open API, offering simple integration with CRM solutions like Salesforce, professional services automation and field operations tools. With access to the diverse applications used by the industry today, you can adapt to the operational solutions of the future.

With Sage Intacct's powerful project costing and billing module, you could achieve your mission more efficiently. Get in touch with Accord Consulting today to learn more.

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